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If you are like me, you probably don’t get the whole fan girl thing. For one thing, I have a hard time remembering names of people I know, much less celebrities. Lately, though, I notice that the harder I work, the more I am becoming a fan girl about certain people.

So what makes my heart palpitate and my hands clap with excitement? People who get it. Get what, you may ask. Thinkers who press deeper to get a clear understanding of how our thoughts and beliefs impact our culture and nation. Do you feel we need more thinkers out there, too?

Jacki Pick is just such a person.

“The future of a people will be determined by the beliefs they hold and the resources they control,” said Jacki Pick when I got to interview her recently for Energy Heroes via Orbit Land Services.

Jacki is best known for her radio program, The Jacki Daily Show on TheBlaze Radio Network, along with her talent for instantaneously quoting well-researched data. Ellen Trant and I turned the tables on her to interview her for a change. We got to hear amazing stories, the ones she usually saves for her closest friends.

Her down-to-earth approach to life refutes the idea that she is in any way affected by her success. Instead, as we entered the National Center for Policy Analysis, the influential think tank in Dallas, Texas where she offices, a soft little ball of grey poodle fluff greeted us. Yep, Jacki’s pet, Cagney, is a regular fixture at Jacki’s office.

Jacki interviews leaders from all walks of life; from oil company execs to best-selling authors to Trump advisors. She passionately speaks truth. Her brilliant analysis, tough questions, trustworthiness, and unfailing sense of humor allow her to walk frequently through the corridors of power in our nation. At every opportunity, she offers a reality check.

“I realized that centralized, unfettered government is the most dangerous entity on earth. Only government could perpetuate a holocaust,” she explains.“Energy scarcity is a weapon of war and keeps the third world in abject poverty,” she says, adding that whoever controls the world’s energy supply has power.

She went on to describe in detail some of the challenges facing America as we engage in the global energy market. For many more thought-provoking insights from Jacki about how energy affects our national standing in a global economy, go to

Remember the beliefs we hold and the resources we manage will determine our future. This stuff matters, especially here in Texas.

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Comments are invited at


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