BACC hopes to promote business community through monthly Bullard Morning Brew events


The Bullard Area Chamber of Commerce has introduced a new event aimed at bringing together its members and fostering relationships, in an effort to expand the city’s growing business community.

In the month of March, BACC held its inaugural Bullard Morning Brew event, a monthly event where chamber members and representatives of businesses in the organization gather together for coffee and breakfast, while having the opportunity to promote and share about their business and its impact on the city.

Since the first event, the concept has taken off, with an average of 25-30 chamber members, local officials, and business leaders attending.

“We’re extremely excited to see the support we’ve had at our first Bullard Morning Brew events,” said James Murphy, BACC vice-president. “As a community organization like the local Chamber of Commerce, our goal is to bring Chamber members together and find ways to support one another, as well as their businesses, in a way to support the local business community and to keep the business family healthy and going.”

Murphy, who serves as the general manager with Republic Services, is involved with a number of Chambers of Commerce around the East Texas area that hopes events similar to the new Bullard Morning Brew gathering.

“I am involved in other Chambers in East Texas, and one of my other cities’ Chambers started promoting the idea of a morning coffee/breakfast event,” said Murphy. “I’m the chairman at another area Chamber, so I started asking those who came to step out, tell us who they are, what they do, and what their business does for the community. It really gave the people in the room the comfort and knowledge of the local business community around them.”

At the Kilgore Chamber of Commerce, Murphy said the idea and support for a morning event for members grew quickly, bringing the idea to mind to try the event for the Chamber organization in Bullard.

“We saw Kilgore’s morning brew event grow exponentially because of the support of the community and the Chamber members willing to wake up early and come in and have an opportunity to share about their businesses,” said Murphy. “I thought that an opportunity like this would be perfect for our Chamber community here in Bullard, and we’ve had great attendances at our first two events at Xcel Properties in March and Coffee around the Corner in April.”

In the crowd of attendees at the first two events were several with varying professions around the greater Bullard area, a concept Murphy said brings the event to its most successful point.

“It wasn’t just a few members of the Chamber and the employees of the business hosting the event,” said Murphy. “We had our city manager, city council members, insurance agents, the Superintendent of Schools at Bullard ISD, lawyers, realtors, and more – we really had the entire smorgasbord of professions in attendance. Some people think BACC is a small group of businesses, but we have a large number of both business and individual members, and we are growing every week.”

Murphy said with dates already scheduled for upcoming BACC Bullard Morning Brews, he predicts larger attendances in the future, which could lead to an increase in business from the community for local businesses.

“We really want the Chamber members that come to the Bullard Morning Brews to go back and talk to their friends who own or work at businesses in the area and tell them about what we’re trying to accomplish together as a business community,” said Murphy. “We’re going to allow each business to be promoted at every event. As more businesses see that opportunity, I believe we will see a lot more people shopping, eating, and entertaining themselves locally, allowing money to stay within the Bullard community.”

According to Murphy, through continual support from the Chamber of Commerce in an effort to promote locally, the strength of the Bullard business community is evident.

“The state of the business community in Bullard is very strong,” said Murphy. “A lot of people think Bullard is just a bedroom community for Tyler, but we’re trying to show them that businesses can succeed here in Bullard. Our local Chamber businesses are always looking out for each other and support one another as often as possible; for instance, one business owner brought forth the idea of Chamber businesses having sales and specials on the same day to be able to promote business togetherness and teamwork. We’re proud of the business environment in Bullard and hope businesses that aren’t involved with the Chamber yet will join with us to support our city.”

Murphy also stated that BACC would not be able to support local businesses as much as the organization currently does, as well as will in the future, without the strong backing of Bullard’s city leadership.

“We are very blessed to have such as great relationship with the City of Bullard and our local officials,” said Murphy. “The Chamber and the City works well hand-in-hand in order to keep positive growth amongst the local business community – sometimes, you won’t see a Chamber and the City working well together, but we have a lot of support from Mayor Pam Frederick and City Manager Jay Abercrombie, and we thankful for such a great relationship.”

According to the organization’s website, BACC works every day to serve the interests of member businesses while advocating business advancement, economic growth and job creation for the benefit of Bullard and surrounding areas.

BACC is committed to improving the quality of life of residents by promoting and creating a vibrant community that is future-oriented, yet respectfully honors Bullard’s past.

The BACC Officers and Board Members are dedicated volunteers who choose to serve to the best of their abilities and offer area businesses and residents social and business events to stimulate our city and local community.

Officers of BACC include Matthew McKeethan, president; James Murphy, vice-president; Darla Lyons, secretary; and Robyn Capps, treasurer. Likewise, BACC Board Members include Tiffany Fletcher, chairman of the board; Jay Abercrombie, city liaison; Austin Bell; Zack Bristow; Katie Clarkston; Dr. James Gardner; Laura Jones, Peggy Jones, marketing/membership director; and Devin Roberts.

The BACC Bullard Morning Brew events are held on the last Wednesday of each month. The event for the month of May is scheduled for 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, May 30, at Bullard City Hall, hosted by Bullard Councilman Bryan Willis.

For more information about BACC, visit or the Bullard Chamber Facebook page, or call (903) 894-4238.


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