Balanced citizen self-government


As another president attempts to dazzle Americans with his first 100 days, we can rejoice that we still live in the best demonstration of freedom and citizen self-government in the world. The challenge for American voters is to not be fooled by foolishness, no matter from which side of the aisle it originates. There’s so much foolishness to go around.

Personally, I just hope the threat of rioting in urban centers and all this talk of a wall does not give our government an excuse to lock down the citizenry.

History gives us clear insight. For instance its hard for us to imagine being in a situation where the governing authorities insisted our preteen daughters sleep a few bedrooms away from soldiers who had guns in our own homes. Consequently, when the topic of gun control resurfaces in every election, many voters may forget that we have the Second Amendment thanks to Britain’s insistence that the American colonist bunker British soldiers in their homes. Thus, the Third Amendment includes the mirror self-protection that prohibits our government from quartering soldiers in citizen’s homes.

“No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law,” Third Amendment of the U. S. Constitution. If voters fail to understand the Third Amendment, they may also neglect to hold the Second Amendment sacred.

Of course, our American forefather’s had guns for providing meat for their families and protecting themselves on the frontier where the nearest law and order may have been a fort a few hundred miles away. How they had the foresight to imagine an America where the right to bear arms could be threatened is amazing, given the necessity of guns for their very survival.

A few years ago, while bussing through cities thousands of years old, one of our tour guides pointed out that Europeans find it funny when Americans claim to have history since our country is less than three hundred years old.

“We think of ourselves as the culmination of history since we are the best experiment in self-government yet,” I responded boldly.

East Texans desire compassionate liberality balanced by conservative, practical management of our common resources. This is exactly the kind of balance most healthy American families practice daily in our personal lives.

Citizens are responsible to hold our self-government accountable. Newspapers are one peaceful tool for doing so. Your thoughts and concerns are always welcome here.

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Comments are invited at or on Facebook.