BHS 2017-2018 junior varsity and varsity cheerleading squads, mascots announced


The newest members of the Bullard High School junior varsity and varsity cheerleading squad for the 2017-2018 school year were recently announced during a celebration event held Thursday, March 23, inside the BHS cafeteria.

“We had an extremely talented group of young ladies try out for BHS cheer this year,” said Jennifer Smith, BHS varsity cheer sponsor. “I am extremely proud of each one of these young ladies. I have confidence that each one of them will be wonderful ambassadors for our cheer program.”

According to Smith, the candidates attended cheerleading tryout clinics, where they were taught a cheer, chant, and dance. The prospective cheerleaders then performed those skills, along with their best jumps and a tumbling pass, for three professional judges. The judges scored each contestant, with the 12 upcoming freshmen and sophomores candidates with the highest scores making the junior varsity squad, and the 12 returning varsity members and upcoming juniors and seniors being named to the varsity squad. The prospective mascot candidates performed their own original skits for the judges.

Members of the 2017-2018 BHS varsity cheerleading squad include Kayla Bell, Megan Daughtery, Abbie Denman, Baleigh Ford, Kaitlyn Goodrich, Skylar Kate, Lindy Martin, Mollly Martin, McKenzie Pyle, Riley Randall, Shelbee Walker, and Sara Wallace. The varsity mascot for 2017-2018 will be Perry Burchfield.

According to Smith, Denman will fill the role as the varsity squad’s captain due to her seniority, as well as dedication to the program.

“Abbie is the only senior returning to the Varsity squad,” said Smith. “She earned the role as captain by showing many leadership qualities throughout the year. She is dedicated to the program, leads her teammates with respect, listens to other squad members, and is reliable. I know I can count on Abbie to represent BHS cheer and to be a great role model for her teammates and for everyone in the community.”

Likewise, members of the 2017-2018 BHS junior varsity cheerleading squad include Brittany Bextine, Macie Bunger, Jacelyn Cowart, Addison Kennedy, Keely Linebaugh, Angie Lorenz, Bailie Pierce, Kallie Priestner, Tatum Rigsby, Paige Rives, Macie Turrentine, Logen Waterman, and Courtney White. The BHS junior varsity cheerleading squad’s mascot for 2017-2018 will be Ashlin Denney.

Smith said the 2017-2018 BHS cheerleaders will follow the precedent set forth by the 2016-2017 squad in terms of community service and school spirit.

“The 2016-2017 cheerleading squad worked extremely hard to be more visible in the community by working many community service projects such as raising money for FitSteps for Life, ringing the Salvation Army Bells, and cheering at the Fresh 15,” said Smith. “My hope is that we continue to become more visible in the community and make Bullard proud of our program. We would also love to raise school spirit both on the BHS campus and in the community and show our support to all of the many sports programs that Bullard offers.”


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