Bullard ISD officials deem rumored threat “false” on BHS campus


Bullard Independent School District officials are taking special precautions after the district acknowledged a rumor of an attack that made its way across the district in recent days.

The district’s officials were made aware of the rumored threat, which identified Bullard High School as the location, on Wednesday, March 1, and released a statement regarding the matter the following day.

“Yesterday morning, the BHS Administrative team was made aware of a rumor circulating regarding an incident that supposedly may occur this week,” said Laura Jones, Bullard ISD Communications Specialist. “Through diligent investigation, the source of the rumor was ascertained and the validity of the threat was determined to be false.”

According to information obtained by Bullard Banner News, the rumored threat came about during the district’s transitional phase of security, going from school resource officers to the establishment of the Bullard ISD Police Department.

“In the transition, the presence of security officers on campus may cause concern to parents,” said Jones. “We assure you there is no cause for alarm. As a result of this change, rumors may develop. BISD prides itself on creating a safe learning environment; we take any perceived threat seriously and any rumor that threatens that environment is handled firmly and promptly.”

Jones also stated in the press release that the staff at Bullard ISD has already taken disciplinary action as a result of the rumor, but did not provide further details.

In an email sent to BHS employees, BHS principal Amanda Silkett addressed the possibility of students discussing the rumored threat, asking teachers and staff members to assure students they were safe on the campus.

“I wanted to let you know that a security rumor has come to our attention,” said Silkett, in the email. “We are investigating and trying to track down where it started. There may be students asking [or] talking about it, so please assure them we are taking appropriate action to ensure the safety of everyone.”

A post on the Bullard ISD Facebook page identified the rumored threat at the BHS campuses to be fallacious.

“The presence of security officers on campus during our transition to a BISD Police Department has caused concern to parents,” read the post. “We assure you there is no cause for alarm. As a result of the changes, a threatening rumor developed. Through diligent investigation, the source of the rumor was ascertained and the threat was determined to be false.”

The Facebook account for the BHS campus also discussed the rumored threat situation, asking for parents to discuss safety at school.

“We encourage parents to partner with BHS by having conversations with their students about safety and the effect of spoken words,” read the post. “Sarcasm regarding safety threats is not tolerated.”

In her press release, Jones said the safety of Bullard ISD students is the prime concern for the district.

“We assure you, your children are safe and their security is our first and foremost priority,” said Jones, in the press release. “We will continue to work persistently to ensure that our campuses are safe and welcoming environments for all students to learn.”