Christian Info about Sex: Why it Matters


It kinda bugs me that worldly people think they know it all when it comes to sex. As if Christians never have sex! Christian info about sex ought to be easy to find. Sex matters. Let’s say so.

Of course, as believers we don’t necessarily go around talking about sex. On the other hand, Christians have children. So, someone figured out something, right?

It’s so important for Christians to join in the public conversation about sexual issues in a positive way. After all, Jesus Himself, amid much controversy, claimed that sexual intercourse was the initiating act of marriage. “The two shall become one flesh” is the beginning of a life-long process on this earth that is designed to hint at the intimate spiritual relationship God offers us with Himself.

If Christians don’t clarify what God designed, the enemy of our souls is bound to highjack the beauty of sex and destroy lives in the process. Need proof? Just look all around us at messy relationships.

The pain of failed relationships is complicated by sex.

By Jesus’ definition, each time a person has sexual intercourse with another person they have initiated a marriage. That explains so much about the pain we experience when relationships fail. What a mess! We would all like to avoid heartbreak. If only we could talk a little more openly without feeling judged.

Christians do talk about sex privately.

When we get together in a small group of trustworthy friends Christian women are very open about the things we have experienced, both the heartbreaks and the joys throughout our lives. Those conversations are often tender and simultaneously downright hilarious.

I am really grateful for my friends who have had the courage and integrity to open up and share with me. I needed that kind of companionship along the way. We all do.

Our lives overflow with gripping stories and they are not all about sex, either. If you have stories you would like to share, even anonymously, I hope you will contact me. Your story may be the one that opens up truth, freedom, and blessing for many others. By graciously reading this far, you are already a part of something God is doing that is bigger and more beautiful than we can grasp. Thank you for joining in the conversation!

May I pray for you? Dear Holy One, You made us to crave intimacy as a way to draw us to Yourself. Please bless this dear reader with a spiritually intimate relationship with You. Then, too, surround us with those who offer trustworthy and unfailing love. May the sexual aspect of our lives be fun and holy, reflecting the joy and freedom You designed. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. To sign up for my newsletter or leave a comment, go to


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