Donuts with Dad: Serving up dozens of smiles


Young students at Bullard Early Childhood Campus and Bullard Primary School recently were granted the opportunity to have alone time with their fathers on the campuses, as the BECC and BPS Parent-Teacher Organization recently hosted Donuts with Dad breakfast events.

“The Donuts with Dad event is a great event that allows the opportunity to have dads or whomever the father figure in that student’s live to interact with them on their school’s campus,” said Erin Thiem, BECC/BPS PTO president. “They get to come to their school and see where they are actually learning. The kids are really excited about this day on the calendar. It’s just a great event every year.”

Students attending BECC and their fathers were able to enjoy the event first on Friday, Jan. 20, while BPS students and fathers have a chance to enjoy the time together on Friday, Feb. 3.

According to Thiem, the idea for the Donuts for Dad event at the younger Bullard Independent School District campuses came about as a fundraising idea, as well as to allow students to have quality time with their fathers, grandfathers, or event brothers who serve as a role model in their young lives.

“We are always looking for fundraising ideas to be able to help put the money back into the schools,” said Thiem, “but we also wanted to give students a chance to bond with their male role model and spent some special quality time with them.”

At the BPS event, parents were lined outside of the building when the school opened up with not a parking spot to be found, as cars and trucks lined the sides of the road on Panther Crossing, the school’s traffic loop, and in the grassy areas.

BECC/BPS PTO volunteers and members were on hand at the event to serve the students and fathers, giving out approximately 50 dozen donuts from a local donut shop at the BPS event, as well as donut holes, orange juice, milk, and water.

“At the BPS Donuts for Dad,” said Thiem, “we fed over 400 parents and students. There were definitely smiles on everyone’s faces. The students actually made paper donuts that were cut out and posted all over the gym where we had the breakfast and wrote what they loved about their dads. They’ll be able to take them home as a keepsake, as well as a picture of them at the breakfast.”

Thiem said events like Donuts for Dad are needed in today’s world, which she described as a “fast-paced” society.

“We’re too fast-paced today,” said Thiem. “As a mother, I understand that a normal morning can be hectic, getting children ready for school. Events like this allow you to take time and actually enjoy a meal together, even though it’s just donuts. It’s a chance to have a one-on-one interaction to let that connection between parent and child become stronger at an early age. The students are always excited when their parent or grandparent comes to the school because they like to show off their school and introduce their friends.”

BECC/BPS PTO has plans to also host an event to allow mothers to have the same interaction opportunity with their children, as Muffins with Mom events are scheduled for Friday, April 21 at BECC and Friday, April 28 at BPS.

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