Eagle’s Bluff to host patriotic Independence Day celebration July 2


Members of Eagle’s Bluff Country Club in Bullard, along with their guests, will help to celebrate America’s birthday together in the spirit of patriotism and freedom at the Eagle’s Bluff Independence Day Celebration, to be held Sunday, July 2, at Eagle’s Bluff, located at 700 N. Eagle’s Bluff Blvd.

“We are very excited about our Independence Day Celebration,” said Jay Miller, Director at Eagle’s Bluff. “It’s going to be an all day event; we scheduled the event before the Fourth of July because we know a lot of our members will be on the lake or at other celebrations around the area. However, we wanted to give our members the opportunity to celebrate the Independence Day holiday together as the Eagle’s Bluff family.”

At the 2016 Eagle’s Bluff Independence Day Celebration, approximately 450 Eagle’s Bluff members and their guests participated in events throughout the day, including hitting the links for a round of golf and swimming in the club’s outdoor pool.

The upcoming event will be a member-guest event, with guests needing the approval from a member to pass through the front gates.

“With our new ownership,” said Miller, “all of our events are based on our membership, which allows our members to showcase the club and all of its amenities to their family and friends. At this event, unless a guest is invited by a member of Eagle’s Bluff, they will not be able to enter.”

According to Miller, there will be several events taking place at Eagle’s Bluff during the day, including golf and activities at the club’s swimming pool.

“A lot of our members will be playing golf that day,” said Miller. “We will also have huge activities down by pool with all the families. It’s just going to be a great day of fun.”

The event will also feature a buffet beginning at 4:30 p.m., prepared by Eagle’s Bluff’s head chef Rick Neal and his team, consisting of All-American Fourth of July favorites, including hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken, potato salad, and corn-on-the-cob, along with sweet tooth craving fillers such as pies and cakes.

Musical entertainment for the event will be provided by the Dustin Becker Band. According to the band’s website, “in one sitting, you could hear anything from rock to rap to country to R&B. Whatever the genre, Dustin's lyrics and crowd friendly shows always make for an exciting time.”

Miller also said the event will also include a dance floor for members and guests to be able to enjoy the music.

As always with a Fourth of July celebration, the Eagle’s Bluff Independence Day Celebration event will feature a fireworks show beginning at 9:10 p.m., with fireworks donated by some of the club’s members.

“The fireworks for the fireworks show were actually donated for the event by three of our members,” said Miller. “None of our members are assessed a fee for the fireworks because these three members donate the fireworks every year. Last year’s firework show was just incredible, lasting approximately 25 minutes. It’s going to be a spectacular show again this year.”

Miller said the event is a great way to celebrate American freedom with the Eagle’s Bluff members in a patriotic way.

“Eagle’s Bluff is proud to offer an event that helps to celebrate our nation’s freedoms and independence,” said Miller. “It’s easily our biggest event of the year. We always want to showcase our patriotism and honor the sacrifices that have been made for this great country.”

For more information about Eagle’s Bluff, contact Miller at (903) 825-1123.


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