Fathers on the front lines of learning at Stanton-Smith


Dads and stand-in dads filled the Stanton-Smith Elementary cafeteria recently for a morning of learning together. Students and their visitors were welcomed by the school’s staff and treated to breakfast.

While much of the time when a parent is in a child’s school or classroom it is the mother, this time was set aside for fathers to come and see a bit about what goes on at school.

Fathers also heard encouraging words about what an important role they play in the success of their children, not just in the classroom but in life in general.

Strong Fathers/Families is a program to engage your families so your students achieve. Superintendent Dr. Chris Moran experienced the use of the program first-hand in other districts where he has served and wanted Whitehouse ISD to have the opportunity to reach out to the male role models.

“The response to this program has been wonderful,” Stanton-Smith Principal Sterling Haskell said. “Our dads have shown up and participated in the activities with their children and it has been fun to watch. The students have been so excited to show their dads what they do in class and see what they do on a daily basis.”

The turnout at Stanton-Smith was more than they had expected. More than 160 fathers or their stand-ins attended the event.