Frederick runs unopposed, wins fourth term as mayor of Bullard


With the deadline for filing for opening positions within the city of Bullard’s government passed, the mayor’s seat will continue to be filled by Bullard Mayor Pam Frederick, who has won the seat for a fourth two-year term after running unopposed.

Frederick, who has served as Bullard mayor since 2011 and as a member of the Bullard City Council for eight years prior, said she was seeking reelection because she feels the goals she has for the city have not yet been fulfilled.

"I feel like my job is not finished," said Frederick, when asked why she is seeking a fourth term. "We have had several projects completed, but we still have some more I'd like to see be done. There's still work to be done. I always say that I have projects that are on the table or coming down the pipe that I’m not ready to walk away from. I want to see them come to completion. That’s more so the case right now.”

In her 14 years as a public servant for the city of Bullard, Frederick said that the city of Bullard has changed due in part to what the city now has to offer residents and business alike.

“Bullard is a very different city than it was when I first joined the city council 14 years ago,” said Frederick. “I believe the reason is that people are coming into this city for many different reasons, whether it be our excellent educational facilities at Bullard Independent School District or The Brook Hill School, the geography, or the location of the city. We’re becoming more a shining beacon city in East Texas because there are a lot of possibilities for the future thanks to the growth.”

According to Frederick, her entire tenure as a Bullard City Councilwoman and subsequently as Bullard’s mayor has been centered around preparing the city for the large amount of growth coming into Bullard.

“Through 14 years combined experience on the city council and as the mayor, our focus has been preparing for the growth because we knew it was coming,” said Frederick. “We’re still there and we’re still preparing for that growth, but now, we’re starting to see that growth come into our city through commercial activity on the highway and the large amount of building permits that have been applied for. I feel like all of the preparation we’re done is starting to pay off. Growth is here and it’s going to continue throughout the future of our city. We’ve planted the seed, and now it’s starting to grow.”

In preparation for the incoming wave of growth, Frederick, as well as members of the Bullard City Council and Bullard City Hall staff, have worked hard to improve several aspects of the city, including sewage and water.

“When we laid out the plan to prepare for the growth,” said Frederick, “I feel that our city leaders were very proactive. Years ago, we put in new water lines and dug a new water well, as well as built an elevated storage tank, allowing us to get that part of our services where it needed to be. We’re about to get our seventh water well online in the spring. I believe that water services are where they need to be, while our sewer service meets our current needs, but we are looking for us to improve on our sewers as we grow.”

One of the aspects of the city of Bullard Frederick said she wants to focus on in her fourth term as mayor is improvements to city streets, saying that several of the streets are in need of repairs.

“We’ve got to focus on street construction,” said Frederick. “In the past, we’ve had to put our eggs into the water and sewer service basket. Now, we are at a point where we can afford to move some of those eggs to the street construction basket and work to repair several streets all over town in need of desperate repair. Streets in Bullard need to be rebuilt to keep up with the city’s growth. If you look at the areas of growth going back to when A.W. Hines was mayor, we put a lot of regulation in place; the new areas of development have correctly built streets with the base, width, and drainage necessary. As a city, we need to go back and retroactively catch up some of the streets to that standard.”

In regards to the future, Frederick said she plans to continue serving the city of Bullard and help the city progress, while protecting the feel of a small town atmosphere.

“I don’t want to walk away from this job until some of the things I want to see in place are in place,” said Frederick. “If I get to a point where I don’t feel productive anymore or the voters don’t want me, then that will change it for me, as well. However, as long as I feel productive and that I am helping to move the city of Bullard forward, I’ll continue to serve. Bullard is a unique city. I want to continue to see us grow, as well as protect our small town mentality. We are growing and attracting family, but we also know that Bullard takes care of Bullard. I want to keep that family atmosphere and create opportunities for our citizens to invest their dollars in business in our town. I want all of our citizens to have the conveniences they need in the city of Bullard. We need to stay a loving, family oriented community.”

Frederick graduated from Brazosport High School in Freeport. After high school, she attended Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education, as well as a minor in reading.

Frederick has been a resident of the city of Bullard for the past 24 years. She is employed as a fourth grade math teacher at Dr. Bryan C. Jack Elementary School in Tyler, having previously taught at Bullard Intermediate School for the past 10 years. Frederick is married to her husband, Wade, and has two children, Mason and Taylor.