I CARE, I hope you do, too


As Trump ramps up his agenda and our Supreme Court continues to age, there will be an ongoing discussion of Supreme Court appointees. Abortion is bound to be a significant point of contention.

I got to attend CARE’s annual gala recently. CARE stands for Christ-centered Abortion Recovery and Education. If you are a regular reader, you know I had the privilege of serving on the founding board of CARE. I got involved because a dear friend, CARE Founder Dr. Grace English, challenged me to share about my own abortion experience in public.

The event was held at KE Bushman’s and I am happy to report that I saw many of our Bullard friends there to support the quiet and confidential work this compassionate ministry is doing behind the scenes in east Texas. It made me once again proud of the spiritual and civic leadership constantly demonstrated by folks in Bullard.

I want to specifically thank City Manager Jay Abercrombi and his amazing wife, Brandi, who showed up to learn more about CARE. I first got to know Brandi years ago through her devoted service with Red, White and Blue. Of course they are such a team that I soon knew Jay as well. We all know how they step up to enhance this community at every opportunity, so it was no surprise to see them at an event dedicated to encouraging others.

Kirk Walden spoke. From Nashville, he travels the country partnering with and encouraging ministries that remind Americans that God created human life with intention and inherent value. He bills himself as a humorist; the room was filled with laughter, in spite of the serious nature of the topic. Men and women gave testimonies that brought tears to our eyes while simultaneously filling our hearts with utter joy at the amazing, unparalleled freedom bestowed by a God who loves us enough to cover any and all sin, failings, injuries, you name it.

“Using background in sports, his leadership among pregnancy help organizations and even his time as a single dad, Kirk is engaging and transparent, packing a powerful message of hope and vision,” according to his website at kirkwalden.com. He did not disappoint.

Our friend the marvelous Bev Kline was there as a guest. I like to mention her with gratitude every chance I get and you have read about her life-preserving work (which she would say is God’s work) with Living Alternatives, Fatherheart, and For the One, among others. She is wise counsel for and a frequent encourager of CARE’s ministry.

If your heart leaps at the idea that we can heal our land of the blight of abortion, please contact me for info on how you, too, can plug into CARE.

Cathy Primer Krafve, aka Checklist Charlie, lives and writes with a Texas twang. Comments are invited at cathykrafve@gmail.com or on Facebook.


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