Local businesses warned of scam regarding Bullard ISD


Bullard Independent School District is warning the Bullard community of an ongoing scam that has already taken money from local businesses under the disguise of supporting Bullard ISD extracurricular activities.

According to Bullard ISD Communications and Human Resources Specialist Laura Jones, local businesses have been contacted via phone by the scamming company, identified as Touchdown Sports, based in North Richland Hills.

“A company called touchdown Sports has been contacting local Bullard businesses claiming to be on behalf of Bullard ISD,” said Jones. “They have at no point contacted our school district or have ever been contracted or had any agreement with Bullard ISD to solicit donations from the community.”

Jones said that the company contacted the businesses under the impression that the company was collecting donations for sponsorships to purchase T-shirts for BHS athletic programs for either the BHS cheerleading squad or Bullard Panther basketball program.

“We know of at least five local companies contributed to this scam,” said Jones. “This company unfortunately was fraudulent and took advantage of our local businesses’ ambition of supporting Bullard ISD.”

According to information provided to Bullard Banner News, Touchdown Sports collected approximately $1,500 from the local businesses. The company provided only 32 of the T-shirts it claimed to be raising money for, but the product was of poor quality, according to Jones.

“They followed through and provided exactly 32 T-shirts that were very inexpensive and low cost printed to the district,” said Jones. “All of the 32 shirts probably cost less than $100 to make. These are not screen-printed or anything fancy, and they don’t even have the correct logo for our district. They did provide us the 32 shirts, however, I believe that’s just to cover themselves from litigation. This is fraud on every level; it’s false representation of Bullard ISD.”

On the Cortera Business Directory website, Touchdown Sports, founded in 2015, is identified as a business with between one and five employees with annual sales at approximately $500,000.

Jones said that despite the fraudulent acts by Touchdown Sports, she still hopes the community continues to support Bullard ISD.

“It’s a travesty that we have people that simply take advantage of the wonderful businesses in our school district and the surrounding areas,” said Jones. “To not have those funds go back to the school like they were requested is wrong. It should be all about the kids.”

When contacted by Bullard Banner News, representatives from Touchdown Sports hung up the phone twice, and on the third attempt, began playing quotes from the fictional movie “Angels with Filthy Souls,” made popular in the 1990 comedy movie, “Home Alone.”

According to Jones, any fundraising done by Bullard ISD will be done by representatives of the district and will be authenticated.

“It’s very important for our community to know that Bullard ISD does not use third parties for financial solicitations,” said Jones. “We do have companies who partner with students through sales, but when we are looking for direct sponsorships from businesses, those requests will always come from a Bullard ISD student, staff member, or parent that will also come with Bullard ISD letterhead or identification, something showing they’re authentic.”

For questions regarding Bullard ISD sponsorships, contact Jones at (903) 894-6639 or email laura.jones@bullardisd.net.


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