Locals among six clerks arrested for selling alcohol to minors in Smith County


Two local residents were among six people arrested in an undercover investigation into establishments selling alcohol to minors in Smith County last week.

On Friday, Sept. 8, the investigation by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office, originally created to see how many establishments were selling alcohol to minors, ended with the arrests of six clerks after purchases by minors were attempted at a total of 19 different locations in the county.

Among those arrested in the investigation were local residents Ashley Oman, 30, of Flint; and Jackie McKeown, 43, of Bullard.

Also arrested were Dhiraj Mishra, 25, of Fort Worth; John Bustos, 25, of Tyler; Ali Mir, 57, of Tyler; and Jan Adcock, 57, of Tyler. All that were arrested were charged with Selling Alcohol to Minors. Bond for all has been set for all six suspects at $2,500 each.


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