Panther Band receives program record-setting number of chairs in TMEA Region 21 All-Region Band


Several members of the Bullard High School Panther Band recently earned high honors for their musicianship, skills, and abilities, as the band’s members were recognized as members of the All-Region and All-Area Bands.

“It’s a very big deal to have our students recognized for their musical talents,” said Jordan. “This year, we were able to earn a record number of chairs for our program in the All-Region Band at the high school level. The music is very difficult, so it takes a lot of effort and outside-of-school practice time. There’s a lot of stiff competition in our region, and I’m very proud of this new accomplishment for the Bullard Panther Band.”

The Panther Band had a total of 27 members compete at the Texas Music Educators Association’s Region 21 All-Region Band, held Saturday, Dec. 9, at Henderson High School.

According to Jordan, the grading level at the All-Region Band audition is based on a scale with a maximum of 300 points, with 100 points based evenly on musical scales, as well as slow-tempo and fast-tempo etudes.

“For All-Region, many of these young musicians have to learn two-octave, and even sometimes three-octave scales, plus their chromatic scale in usually three octaves,” said Jordan. “For the etudes, the books that are used are usually collegiate level which makes students better musicians by having them exposed and experienced in playing that difficult of a piece of literature, as well as having them compete with it at the Region level. The All-Region process definitely makes out band program better.”

In total, 13 members of the Panther Band were able to secure honors as TMEA Region 21 All-Region Band members.

Members of the Panther Band making the TMEA Region 21 All-Region Bands included senior flautist Katy Kuczkowski (fourth chair concert band), sophomore flautist Grace Stanley (second chair concert band), senior oboist Lillian Bloxom (first chair concert band), senior clarinetist Megan McCoy (second chair symphonic band), senior baritone saxophonist Joseph Hudson (first chair symphonic band), sophomore bassoonist Bailey Bower (second chair symphonic band), junior trumpeter Chloe Duvak (third chair symphonic band), freshman trombonist Jason Oliveaux (sixth chair symphonic band), sophomore trombonist Isaac Sanders (fifth chair concert band), sophomore bass trombonist Christian Butler (second chair symphonic band), senior baritone player Adam Skanes (second chair symphonic band), junior baritone player Emily Coyne (fourth chair symphonic band), and senior percussionist Brandon Duecker (sixth chair symphonic band).

Several of the Panther Band’s members who made the TMEA Region 21 All-Region band also competed and earned TMEA All-Area Band honors after competing in auditions on Saturday, Jan. 13, at Chapel Hill High School.

In total, the Panther Band earned eight chairs in the TMEA All-Area Band, as well as a total of five alternate chairs.

Panther Band members named as TMEA All-Area musicians included McCoy, Hudson, Bower, Duvak, Oliveaux, Butler, Skanes, and Duecker. Likewise, members of the Bullard band selected as All-Area alternates included Coyne, senior trombonist Daniel Tubb, junior baritone player Patrick Granberry, junior percussionist Emily Dean, and sophomore percussionist Will Kuczkowski.


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