Spotlight shines on BHS Fine Arts programs at annual Bullard Belles Premier event

Along with the award-winning Bullard Belles dance and drill team, other Bullard ISD Fine Arts programs performing at the Bullard Belles Premier included the BHS junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders, BMS and BHS twirlers, BMS Pom Squad, BHS Dance Classes, and senior trumpet player Matthew Bradley.
Along with the award-winning Bullard Belles dance and drill team, other Bullard ISD Fine Arts programs performing at the Bullard Belles Premier included the BHS junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders, BMS and BHS twirlers, BMS Pom Squad, BHS Dance Classes, and senior trumpet player Matthew Bradley.

Hundreds of parents, guests, and members of the Bullard community gathered to enjoy performances featuring the talent and hard work of many Bullard Independent School District Fine Arts programs, as the award-winning Bullard Belles drill team hosted the annual Bullard Belles Premier showcase event Saturday, April 1, inside the Audry B. Owens Auditorium on the campus of Bullard High School.

“I feel that this year’s show as exceptional,” said Shelly Johnston, Bullard Belles director. “We were able to add a new aspect to the show with professional lighting, which added to the ambiance of the show. It was a great event to highlight not only our organization, but several other Bullard ISD Fine Arts programs, as well.”

During the event, the entire Bullard Belles drill team performed several numbers, including selections to “Fame,” “They Don’t Really Care About Us,” “Scared of Me,” and “Last Dance.”

Additionally, the Bullard Belles Officers and Social Officers teamed together for several perforamcnes, as the Officers performed to “Ray’s Rockhouse,” “Illuminations,” and “Grand Piano,” while the Social Offers performed to “Slip.”

Several members of the Bullard Belles performed solos and duets at the Belles Premier, including Haley Pyle, performing to “Work Song,” Jamie Hernandez and Jaiden Knowlton, performing to “Someone Like You,” Molli Majors, performing to “Home,” Livi Abercrombie and Emman Khan, performing to “Hermitude,” Abby Hall, performing to “Rise Up,” Mariah Melton and Raelee Walker, performing to “Hard on Myself,” Reagan Brasher, performing to “Incomplete,” Khan, performing to “Turning Pages,” Elise Humphries, performing to “Can’t Help Falling In Love with You,” and Good, performing to “Burning Bridges.”

Members of the 2016-2017 award-winning Bullard Belles dance and drill team include Darby Good, Captain; Reagan Brasher, Officer; Molli Majors, Officer; Cora Pudwill, Officer; Livi Abercrombie; Aubrey Brandon; Abby Hall; Jamie Hernandez; Jaiden Knowlton; Mariah Melton; Bethany Nelson; Lillian Neumeier; Breanna Noriel; Tori Parham; Alexis Peeks; Sara Powell; Abbie Reeves; Eslendi Salazar; Raelee Walker; Layni Welmaker; Madison Wise; Jenna Wittman, and Kaleigh Yates.

Managers for the Bullard Belles include Alani Parks and Mikayla Russell, while Bullard Belle Guards include Dakota Brown, Dustin Dover, Dex Jenkins, and Ethan McDonald. The Bullard Belles organization is under the direction of Johnston and assistant director Cecilee Walker.

The 2017 Bullard Belles Premier was the final show for Belles Captain Darby Good, who described the experience of performing as a Belle for the last time as a chance to look back on her past involvement with the organization.

“It really wasn’t nerve-wrecking because we’ve practiced a lot,” said Good. “In going out there, it was like giving all that I had left during the performances. Last Dance really reminded me of all the memories we made with each other this year. It was really nice to have that moment with my best friends. With my experience with the Bullard Belles, I’ve learned how to be a leader to others, as well as interact and learn from others.”

The Bullard Middle School Pom Squad also took to the stage, performing several selections including “Happiness,” “Candy Mix,” and “Sound of the Saints.”

Also, the BMS Pom Squad Officers used the performance as an opportunity to show off their abilities, performing to “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Officers of the 2016-2017 Bullard Pom Squad are Darla Hibbler and Megan Wilson. Members of the Bullard Pom Squad include seventh graders Aubrey Acker, Jocelyn Herring, Jaden Jeter, Hannah Marr, Maddison McLeod, and Emma Seaton; and eighth graders Rebekah Brasher, Anna Dison, Kylie Engle, Carly Humphries, Breanna McLeod, Jessica Perez, Haley Still, Chloe Thomas, and Ashley Waterman.

Directors of the Bullard Pom Squad are head director Walker and assistant director Monica Ventress.

Also taking to the stage at the event were the members of the 2016-2017 BHS and BMS Twirlers, as the BHS Twirlers performed to “Faith,” while the BMS Twirlers performed to “Tricky, Tricky.”

Members of the 2016-2017 BHS Twirlers included include Hannah Reschke (head twirler), Lillian Bloxom, Mariah Fretwell, Meagan Hodge, Kaylee Homan, Codie Lovelady, Haylee Nish, Kassidy Robertson, Allyson Wilcox, and Chloe Williams.

Likewise, members of the 2016-2017 BMS Twirlers include Molly Axworthy, Katie Campbell, Kellen Coke, Karis Cotter, Molly Duncan, Mary Ehrman, Shyanne Gage, Natalie Green, Jenna Griffith, Claire Hunter, Nichelle Sanders, Haley Smith, Anja Terho-Streck, and Stella Vaughn.

The Bullard Panther junior varsity and varsity cheerleaders also performed a number of stunts and tricks during the event.

Members of the 2016-2017 BHS varsity cheerleaders include Lauren Bright, Maddie Butler, McCall Cowart, Faith Crist, Abbie Denman, Baleigh Ford, Carley Goode, Haley Medders, Macy Riley, Sadie Spencer, Kamryn Stephens, Shelbee Walker, and Claudia Young.

The 2016-2017 BHS junior varsity cheerleaders include Sydney Ellen Bass, Kayla Bell, Jacelyn Cowart, Megan Daughtery, Katie Goodrich, Keely Linebaugh, Lindy Martin, Molly Martin, Callie Priestner, Kenzie Pyle, Riley Randall, Macie Turrentine, and Sara Wallace.

Also performing at the Bullard Belles Premier event were senior trumpet player Matthew Bradley, performing “Concert Etude” by Alexander Geodicke; the BHS Dance Class, performing “Beyonce Mix,” as well as dance students Clara Chambliss and Emily Berry, performing “From Yesterday,” and the Dance FX group.

According to Johnston, preparations for next year’s Bullard Belles Premier are already underway.

"We are very grateful for all of the hard work each performer put into their performance," said Johnston, "as well as the attendance of so many people within the Bullard community. I am anxious and excited to begin planning for next year's show."


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