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When you use the name Hedrick in this area a smile usually crosses the face of those familiar with the family, their community projects and remembrance of some of their antics. Following thoughts include “hard working” and “fun-loving” and carries on throughout the generations.

This town was swarmed by 144 members of the Hedrick family recently as they gathered once again for an annual reunion held each year at the Kilgore Community House.

“It was the biggest one ever,” said Dale, who is now the organizer of the reunion. “But, it couldn’t have been done without all of the cousins helping and that’s a fact.”

“A couple of years ago, my wife Anna Bess was in the kitchen working herself to death trying to make sure the reunions were successful,” said Bill Hedrick, Sr. “She said it needed to be her last one when Dale came in and said he would take that over. He did and it was fantastic!” he proudly exclaimed.

“All I did the first year was make telephone calls,” said Dale. “Everyone told me I needed to be on Facebook, my kids thought you-know-what had frozen over when they realized I had joined the rest of them,” he laughed.

“This year, we did things different to make it interesting. My brother, Bill, fixed group photos of the original 14 Hedrick brothers and sisters. Only two of are still living and that is my dad and my Uncle Buck. And my mother, is the only living spouse. So, the group photos were appreciated.”

“My cousins’ kids stepped up to the plate, too,” continued Dale. “We had door prizes, a silent auction, T-shirts, and gifts for those who had driven the furtherest. I was even dubbed “Captain Cuz” and was presented with a gift,” he said.

The reunion was topped off later in the day as they attended a large firework display at a relative’s house in Chandler.

“The oldest one there was my Uncle Buck who is now ninety years old and the youngest was his great granddaughter, Aubrey,” said Dale. “We had a good time; no one was arrested or caused any problems.”

The Hedrick reunion was established in 1972 and is held each year on the first Saturday of July.

YES! There will be a Farmer’s Market under the derricks this Saturday. It has been long awaited and they are coming back in as part of the festivities in Kilgore marking it the Most Patriotic Town in Texas. While enjoying domino tournaments, pie contests, etc. please support our farmers.

IT MATTERS – the 50th Anniversary of C.G. Mata as a pharmacist took place during the month of June. He graduated from Kilgore College and from the University of Houston. After graduation, C.G. went to work at Medic Pharmacy in Houston.

In 1973, he and his wife, Nina moved to Kilgore where he worked for Marvin and Margie Hall at Hall Drug. When they moved to Overton, he and Mr. Jones partnered in City Drug and when it closed he went to work for Brookshire’s working in several locations.

Now, at the age of seventy-four, he continues to work at Super One -Brookshire’s Pharmacy located off Gentry-Parkway in Tyler.

“My dad was a pharmacist. I said I would never marry one because of the hours they put in. Here I am,” she laughed. “My dad would be called out all hours of the night to get medicine and even after C.G. and I moved to Overton, Dr. Hamilton would give him a call to meet a family at the pharmacy.”

Nina, a Kilgore native, can’t speak too loudly as she still teaches at Kilgore High School. Their three kids are Rafe Mata, Brazie Adamez and Miller Loudermilk. The couple also has ten grandchildren.

A 50th work anniversary definitely counts. Congratulations C.G.

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