Anwar Hadid Gets A Tattoo Of A Bulldog On His Back

There has been a significant change in how people of all professions have accepted tattoos in recent years. Due to this, getting ink has become increasingly popular, which is reshaping the industry and leading to an increase in demand for tattoo artists. It is surprising to see models who have stayed away from permanent marks […]

In recent years, there has been a major shift in how individuals of all professions have embraced tattoos. As a result, being inked has grown increasingly popular, altering the business and increasing demand for tattoo artists.

It is startling to see models who have avoided permanent body markings for years now embrace the tattoo trend as it gets more popular. Anwar Hadid, a social media influencer and model with IMG, appears to be hooked to tattoos. This is shown by the bulldog tattoo he recently got on his right back.


Anwar Hadid flaunted his new tattoo in an Instagram post.

Anwar Hadid, a well-known American model and social media influencer, has already expressed his enthusiasm for tattoos and has done so again. A new shot on the singer’s Instagram account shows him with a bulldog face tattoo on his back.


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There is nothing in the description to the photograph Anwar incorporates with the notion, but he has tagged the famous tattoo artist with the image. Based on the tag on his latest tattoo, it appears that the tattoo he displayed was produced by Shon Lindauer, an artist known for his ability to make conventional tattoos that include both text and graphics.

Anwar’s bulldog tattoo was also documented in a short video tweeted by Shon Lindauer with the comment, “Bulldog on my brother @anwarhadid.”


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Anwar’s new tattoo has sparked a lot of interest among his friends and family.

Anwar’s tattoos are mostly religious in nature.

While Anwar Hadid’s paternal background is closely identified with Islam, he announced on Instagram in 2019 that he was Christianized on a Malibu beach. Anwar’s posts also reveal that he has now been reconciled to Christianity, as some of his posts confirm.


In addition to the four distinct biblical verses tattooed on his back, he has a crucifix and the words “PSALM 23” inked on his back. However, according to what he stated in a 2019 interview, Hadid does not allow his religion define him or his connections with his family, regardless of which faith he professes.

Even Anwar’s meaningless tattoos have significance.

Even though Anwar Hadid has indicated that he enjoys having tattoos, he has also acknowledged that he does not always have a reason behind his tattoos. In a 2019 interview with Vanity Fair, Hadid stated, “I have so many strange tattoos that once meant something to me, but no longer do.”


There are a few tattoos on his right leg, including a lightbulb tattoo beneath his right eye and a strange tattoo on his hip, that might be the source of this feeling.

It’s unclear which tattoos on Hadid’s body have lost value for him, but he still appreciates them all despite the lack of meaning. “I think it so wonderful that at one point, I could have cared enough about anything to get it tattooed on my body,” he remarked emphatically. “I had to respect who I was at the time.” These are reminders for me, in the same way that perfume might be a recall of a moment in your life.”

A new tattoo has been added to Anwar’s tattoo collection. Is the new tattoo on his back good in your opinion? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.


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