Season 2 of Bloodlands: First Look, Trailer, Cast, and Plot

The obsession with shows where police detective hunt for a serial killer is not a new phenomenon. It’s something we’ve seen before, in movies like Silence of the Lambs and Dexter. The difference now is that these shows are being done as live-action dramas instead of as fictional fiction. In other words, there’s no fantasy […]

The fascination with shows in which police detectives search for a serial murderers is not a new phenomenon. We’ve seen it before in films like Silence of the Lambs and Dexter.

The difference now is that these shows are being produced as live-action plays rather than fiction. In other words, there is no fantasy element to them; they are simply real people attempting to solve murders.


That makes them interesting because you get to observe how these genuine individuals function in the real world.

This is notably true for BBC’s Bloodlands, which aired in 2021 and rapidly became the year’s most-watched episode, with an average of 8.2 million viewers (30-day consolidated).

The crime series was so popular that it became Northern Ireland’s most-watched BBC drama premiere ever.


The series based on police procedurals debuted on our television screens a year ago, leaving viewers wondering what Tom Brannick would do next to solve the criminal activities in Northern Ireland.

There is good news, though, as the BBC crime drama is returning with a new season, which will be released soon. To learn everything, read this article.

BBC Revealed First Look At The Upcoming Crime Drama 

The network has released the first look of Bloodnads season 2, providing viewers a well-deserved glimpse into the future of crime drama.


The first look photographs have successfully established James Nesbitt’s prepacked debut in season 2 following the previous season’s cliffhanger conclusion that almost led us to the deluded idea that Tom Brannick had gone from Northern Ireland.

The first look photographs offer fascinating details about the forthcoming season, including the series’ new character, Victoria Smurfit. She will join Olivia Floyer, who is investigating the death of her husband.


The visuals suggest that investigator Tom and the bereaved widow Olivia will form an alliance.

The photographs show that the two actors will be sharing a lot of screen space, which will give the season 2 narrative a fresh direction.

In the photographs, we have a peek at investigator DC Billy Birdy Bird, which takes us back to the previous season, when things went out of hand between Tom and Billy.


Season 2 is set to find DC Billy being caught in a web of falsehoods and family business, with likely implications extending to Tom’s personal life as well.

Bloodlands Season 2 Is Here With Its First Trailer

Yes, you read that correctly, the iconic BBC crime drama, Bloodlands, is returning for season 2 and the network has also published the first teaser, bringing us all up to speed with the new season.

The teaser for the crime thriller has been released by the BBC ahead of its major premiere later this month. In the forthcoming season, we see James Nesbitt reprise his role as Detective Tom Brannick and steal the show with his outstanding performance.

Following the nail-biting tension of the previous season’s climax, it was quite a surprise to see detective Tom as the mysterious assassin who had caused everyone so much trouble throughout the series.

It’s hardly surprising that he’s heavily featured in this current teaser as well. He begins investigating a murder case involving an accountant, and it soon becomes clear that Goliath is also involved in some missing riches.


In the trailer, everyone, including Detective Sergeant Niamh McGovern, believes Tom is dead and has taken the Gold with him.

But it doesn’t get any easier; Detective McGovern is unsure about his absence and insists on looking for him.

The video also introduced us to the show’s new character Olivia Foyle, the widow of the slain accountant. We observe her and Tom having private conversations, which might lead to a new mystery in the following season.


The trailer is fascinating, and it also depicts Tom Brannick’s suspicions regarding his identity in this season. This idea appears to be more difficult to maintain hidden throughout the season.

Who All Are Returning For Season 2?

As stated repeatedly in the teaser, James Nesbitt is reprising his role as Detective Brannick.


Charlene McKenna as DS Niamh McGovern, Lorcan Cranitch as DCS Jackie Twomey, Lola Petticrew as Brannick’s daughter Izzy, and Chris Walley and DC ‘Birdy’ Bird return for the second season.

Victoria Smurfit from Marcella, Once Upon a Time joins the Bloodlands team for season 2 as Olivia Foyle, alongside Nesbitt.

Expected Plot

Detective Tom Brannick of the Belfast Police Department spent much of season 1 researching Goliath, a serial murderer who had been dormant for two decades until resurfacing.


The second season of Bloodlands begins with an action-packed expose that a dishonest accountant is a famed assassin, with Detectives Brannick and Eleanor trying to keep the other’s criminal actions hidden.

The second season of the programme will most likely begin with Brannick healing from the gunshot wounds he received in the season one finale, which were inflicted by an ex-partner he felt he could trust.


His inquiry into Goliath is also ongoing, as he tries to get his life back on track. The episode focuses on Brannick’s battle to recover from his injuries and return to work, as well as his relationship with his wife and kid.

There were some unsolved issues following the conclusion of Bloodlands, but we may expect answers and fresh discoveries in this sequel. In addition, we will investigate a whole new story centred on an intriguing widow.

The BBC’s criminal drama series will return this month, although no official date has been announced. We’re hoping for an early release because the trailer is stunning.


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