Britney Spears Responds To Interview With Son Jayden And Defends Herself

Britney Spears recently got married to Sam Asghari. Her two sons, 15-year-old Jayden Federline and 16-year-old Sean Preston Federline missed their mother’s wedding. Jayden recently gave an interview where he talked about missing the wedding and much more. Britney Spears, who always hinted about her hatred for her family due to the involuntary conservatorship, has […]

Britney Spears married Sam Asghari lately. Her two boys, Jayden Federline, 15, and Sean Preston Federline, 16, did not attend their mother’s wedding. Jayden recently did an interview in which he discussed skipping the wedding and other topics.


Britney Spears, who has long hinted at her disdain for her family as a result of the involuntary conservatorship, has now replied to her son’s interview in which he discussed everything!

Why did they fail to attend their mother’s wedding?

“At the moment, it just wasn’t a good time to travel,” Jayden stated. He went on to say that this didn’t imply he wasn’t glad for her since he was.

“She didn’t invite the whole family, and then if it was just going to be me and Preston, I just don’t see how that scenario would have ended on good terms,” he continued.

He also mentioned his elder brother Sean, who “hates photographers.” Preston had “begged my mum not to upload his images, and she did it anyway,” he remembered. So that didn’t work out.”

“I think Mom has battled giving us both attention and providing us equal affection and I don’t think she gave enough to Preston and I feel really guilty for that,” Jayden added.

Jayden described his connection with his brother as one in which they always have one other’s backs and strive to take care of themselves psychologically.


The interview also focused on Britney’s poor relationship with her father, Jamie. The 15-year-old spoke about his grandfather, saying that he “doesn’t deserve all the media abuse he’s receiving” and that “he was just trying to be a parent.”

He also discussed how his mother, Britney, is “ceasing to grasp” how much her father loves her.

Before concluding the interview, he texted his mother, saying, “I love you a lot, and I wish you the best.” Maybe one day we’ll be able to sit down and speak like this again.”

Britney’s Response

Britney was irritated by the segment of the interview in which Jayden supported his grandfather’s side. She wrote a statement on Instagram that began, “I’ve tried my hardest to be the greatest person that I can be…”

She went on to describe how she was “kept captive” by nurses and expressed hope that her children would “one day comprehend my motives for my water play.”

“My love for my children has bounds, and it truly upsets me to know his outrage that I wasn’t up to his standards as a mother,” she added. and perhaps one day we can meet face to face and discuss this honestly!!!!”

The singer also defended her mental health, writing, “My lovely kid realise you must learn to pick up a book and study one before you even consider my intellect sweetheart!!!!”


“If you can honestly sit back and say with your rational intelligent intellect what (mother and father) did to me was fine and label them not evil people… then yes, I have failed as a mother,” she said.

In the same message, she expressed her desire to meet them “face to face,” urged Jayden to continue playing the piano, and extended love to Preston.


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For the time being, it is unknown if Jayden and his brother would be able to reestablish their ties with their mother. However, if the internet has taught us anything, it is that family drama should not be broadcast on the internet.


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