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The Dead For A Dollar Has Arrived With An Exciting Trailer

The obsession with western dramas and shows has been going on for a while now. With western dramas released every week, it’s starting to look like a staple being emerging to fit into every network. Another entry into the western genre has been proudly nailed by the award winning director, Walter Hill. The director has […]

Hunter x Hunter Season 7: What Do We Know So Far?

Indeed, HxH has been one of the most iconic anime of all time. Not only has the anime provided an in-depth storyline, but it’s also executed the manga arcs remarkably. Moreover, the exhilarating battle sequences have often left us in awe. However, the hope for Hunter x Hunter Season 7 seems low. Nevertheless, the anime’s […]

Madonna Honors Her Late Mother With Another Tattoo

It is clear from a new tattoo that Madonna loves and respects her late mother, and it is a way for Madonna to show her appreciation for her. Taking her social media to the next level on Thursday, the singer showed off the ink job she got on her wrist to commemorate her special bond […]