Examining the Variation in G2/G Driver Test Failure Rates Across Ontario Cities

DriveTest Centre Failure Rates for G2/G in Ontario City

Ontario City is home to many DriveTest Centres, which are responsible for administering the G2/G licensing tests. With the large number of potential drivers taking these tests, it’s important to know what the failure rates are. This article will discuss the failure rates of G2/G tests taken at DriveTest Centres in Ontario City.

G2 Failure Rate

The G2 test is a graduated licensing test, designed to assess a driver’s knowledge and skills. According to DriveTest, the failure rate for the G2 test at the Ontario City Centres is around 30%. This means that of the people who take the test, only 70% pass on their first attempt.

G Failure Rate

The G test is the full licensing test, and is more difficult than the G2. The failure rate for the G test at the Ontario City Centres is around 50%. This means that only half of the people who take the test pass on their first attempt.


The G2/G tests at the DriveTest Centres in Ontario City have relatively high failure rates. While it is possible to pass the tests on the first attempt, it is recommended that potential drivers prepare thoroughly before taking the test.

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