Katy Perry Steps Out with Her Daughter Daisy Dove in Santa Barbara

Weekend, the perfect time for a family outing. The Grammy-nominated singer was spotted with her 18-month-old daughter, Daisy Dove on Saturday’s noon. Lil’ Daisy Dove who was just an infant in her stroller yesterday, now can walk. Jesus! Babies do grow up real quick. A Sunny Outing in Katy’s Hometown American Idol judge Katy treated […]

A family outing during the weekend is ideal.


On Saturday around noon, the Grammy-nominated singer was photographed with her 18-month-old daughter, Daisy Dove. Lil’ Daisy Dove, who was only a baby in her stroller yesterday, can already walk. Jesus! Babies grow up quite quickly.


A Sunny Day in Katy’s Neighborhood

Katy brought her daughter Daisy Dove on a family field trip to the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

In Mission Canyon, the 18-month-old was marching alone with her mother. On Saturday, the 37-year-old first-time mother clasped hands with Daisy Bloom. Daisy, a curious small girl, investigated the place in Katy’s hometown of Santa Barbara.


The cute tot strolls around the garden’s walk with her adoring mother.

Katy in CC attire: casual and stylish

The “When I’m Gone” singer looked stunning in a beige turtleneck dress and brown leather shoes. The outfit appeared to be both elegant and comfy. Every woman’s winter wardrobe should include a knitted dress. The neutral colour increased the dress’s attractiveness by a factor of 100.

The outfit efficiently provides her with comfort and ease as she guides her daughter down the edge of the paths near the flowers.

The first-time mother finished her stylish ensemble with an enormous fish hat and silver earrings. Later, she switched to a white hat to keep her informal look on a family outing.


Her daughter was dressed from head to toe in baby pink, with a white and pink check blouse and miniature pink shoes. Daisy rushed into the arms of her mother after strolling to her heart’s delight, and she snatched her up as a wonderful doting mother.

Despite their hectic schedules, Katy and Orlando attempt to spend as much “family time” as possible together. The couple just travelled to Hawaii with their little daughter to spend quality time together.

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