Logic Tributes Wiz Khalifa With A Taylor Gang Tattoo, Check Out Wiz’s Reaction

American rapper and record producer, Logic, whose real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, surprised Wiz Khalifa with a “Taylor Gang” tattoo. While his joint tour with Khalifa may have come to an end, the Maryland rapper ensured to give a memorable parting gift as a token of respect. Read on to know all […]

Logic, an American rapper and record producer born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, surprised Wiz Khalifa with a “Taylor Gang” tattoo. While his joint tour with Khalifa has over, the Maryland rapper made a spectacular parting present as a show of respect. Continue reading to learn more about the tattoo and Wiz’s response to it.


Logic’s Admiration For Wiz Is Greater Than Words…


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Logic, actual name Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, is a Maryland rapper who turned to Instagram to show off his new tattoo, which is a tribute to Wiz Khalifa. Not only that, but the Grammy nominee shared Wiz’s response to his new “Taylor Gang Tattoo.” “One might say I ink my entire body,” he captioned the video.

Logic’s joint tour with Wiz Khalifa may have ended, but he has left an everlasting memory for him with this performance. As Logic was getting his tattoo, he was heard saying, “To me, this tattoo is larger than, ‘Oh, I like Wiz Khalifa.'” This is a thank you note, expressing awe, respect, and love for the guy who transformed my vision of what is possible. “And he has that massive d***,” Logic quipped at the conclusion.

Logic tells Wiz, “I love you, dude, I told you, remember, I was like, ‘I got a surprise.'” I won’t be able to give it to you, but it will last forever.” Wiz Khalifa was wearing a Logic tank shirt in the video, and when he noticed the “Taylor Gang” tattoo, he replied, “I love you, Bobby.” I would never have guessed… That’s like the pinnacle.

The video also includes a touching scene in which Logic reveals the “Taylor Gang” tattoo to Wiz, who is left speechless while sitting on the sofa. Finally, Wiz was spotted giving Logic a bear embrace. Taylor Gang Entertainment is Wiz Khalifa’s firm that works as an independent record label, music production company, and music management organisation.

The Comment Section Is Taking Off…


Fans and celebs reacted positively to Logic’s new video featuring Wiz Khalifa in the comments section. “The tattoo artist is my daughter Keely!!” commented Julie Thompson, the mother of the artist who created this “Taylor Gang” tattoo on Logic. Keely’s #artwork #proudmom.” “You could tell that meant a lot to Wiz,” another admirer said. “Two absolute legends,” one admirer remarked, while another said, “Wholesome.”

Logic and Wiz Khalifa have a business and personal relationship. The two just completed their “Vinly Verse Tour,” which sold out every show since it began on July 27 in Irvine, California. It concluded last night in St. Louis. Wiz and Louis previously worked together on “High Today” and “Indica Badu.”

Logic’s studio albums “Under Pressure” and “The Incredible True Story” remained in the top five on the Billboard 200 in the United States. After smashing records, the former was eventually declared platinum. Aside from being a musician, he is also a broadcaster who is solely tied to Twitch. Wiz Khalifa’s heart is overjoyed at this gesture. Logic has demonstrated his admiration for him by his behaviours and gestures.


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