Madonna Honors Her Late Mother With Another Tattoo

It is clear from a new tattoo that Madonna loves and respects her late mother, and it is a way for Madonna to show her appreciation for her. Taking her social media to the next level on Thursday, the singer showed off the ink job she got on her wrist to commemorate her special bond […]

Madonna clearly loves and respects her late mother, as seen by a new tattoo, and it is a way for Madonna to express her gratitude to her.

On Thursday, the singer took her social media to the next level by showing off the tattoo she received on her wrist to memorialise her particular relationship with her mother.


Madonna’s Instagram has been updated with three new photos.

Three photographs were posted on the 64-year-old singer’s Instagram Story with the word “Maman,” a French word for mother, wiped out. A crushed heart is also shown on the tattoo. Two photographs of Madonna show her raising her wrist above her head, with the text “Broken Hearts Club.”


Her wrist tattoo was splattered with blood in the second shot, and she commented, “We all bleed the same colour.”


“All moms had their hearts shattered,” she went on.


Her first tattoo was a tribute to her large family.

Maddona had her first tattoo in December 2020. When she received her first tattoo, she chronicled the entire experience on Instagram. Her Instagram slideshow was labelled “Inked for the Very First Time” on December 8, 2020. While most celebs would go to a tattoo parlour like Dr Woo to receive beautiful flowers or angels, Madonna chose the Shamrock Social Club, an old-fashioned West Hollywood business, to get tattooed for the first time.


During her stay, she had six tiny letters tattooed on her left hand’s wrist. Although it may not appear to be much, the tattoo has a far deeper meaning and importance than you may believe.

We now know that the letters L, R, D, M, S, and E are embedded in a minuscule, typewriter-like typeface and stand for what Madonna stands for. If you are a fan of her art, you won’t be shocked to find what these symbols represent. The first initials of each of her six broods are Lourdes, Rocco, David, Mercy, Stella, and Estere. Followers reacted quickly, recognising the allusion and complimenting the singer in his remarks.

Madonna and her son David have matching tattoos.

In a recent interview, Madonna disclosed that she and her teenage son David had acquired identical tattoos. The pop queen was a fan of the 1980s and 1990s, but she avoided being inked for most of her time in the spotlight until she changed her mind at the age of 62 and got her first tattoo.


She has gotten four tattoos since then, and she has posted the results of the most recent one on her social media sites. Last month, she revealed that she had permanently tattooed a depiction of the Tree Of Life on her inner wrist. Madonna has been studying Kabbalah since the 1990s, and the Tree Of Life is affiliated with different esoteric traditions.

She shared a snapshot on social media of her matching tattoos with David in a photo of the two posing with their arms next to each other. With the passage of time, the singer’s taste in tattoos has grown. Let’s see what she has in store for us in the next surprise tattoo.


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