Meet Courtney Vucekovich, Armie Hammer’s Ex-Girlfriend: Everything You Need to Know

Courtney Vucekovich is the ex-girlfriend of the Call Me By Your Name star Armie Hammer.  She is all ready to spill the details about her whirlwind romance with the Hollywood actor in the documentary titled House of Hammer. The former couple dated in the summer of 2020. Keep scrolling further to learn everything about the […]

Courtney Vucekovich is Armie Hammer’s ex-girlfriend from Call Me By Your Name. In the documentary House of Hammer, she is all set to break the beans on her whirlwind affair with the Hollywood star.

In the summer of 2020, the former couple dated. Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about Armie Hammer’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend Courtney Vuckovich.

Courtney Vucekovich’s occupation is unknown.

Courtney Vucekovich works as an app developer. In the year 2017, she launched the FLASHD app. For those of you who are unfamiliar, FLASHD is a company that provides a team of professional hair and makeup artists that come straight to the consumer.

According to the company’s LinkedIn site, “FLASHD is DFW’s top on-demand beauty and photography app offering services from 6am-11pm.” The Flashd App makes it easy to book services. We will visit you at your home, business, or hotel.” According to reports, the organisation also offers professional photographic services to consumers.


Courtney graduated from Texas Tech University in 2012 with a master’s degree. Her firm is rapidly expanding with each passing day. Her firm now has over 7k followers on the social media site Instagram.

Is Courtney active on Instagram?

The answer to the above question is an emphatic yes. Courtney has an account on the social networking site Instagram. When it comes to her personal account, she has 139 posts.

Courtney now has over 27k followers on the social networking platform Instagram. “mental health champion, beauty & lols, @flashd app creator,” her Instagram bio reads.


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We noticed several images of her from her vacations all around the world, as well as some snaps with friends and family, when scrolling through the software developer’s Instagram profile. Her most recent Instagram post is a lovely photo of her on vacation.

When did Courtney and Armie first start dating?

Courtney and Armie initially became romantically involved in the summer of 2020. They met for the first time in June 2020, thanks to a mutual acquaintance. According to the Daily Mail, the couple dated for nearly four months from June to October before Armie and his ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers split.

Courtney discussed the early days of their relationship with the Daily Mail in 2021 and mentioned that Armie was intoxicating. “He’s a really lovely, passionate human being,” she stated at the time. But once you start chatting to him, he becomes rather aggressive right away. Not violent, but sexually aggressive in his speech.”


According to Vucekovich, “he’s a really lovely, larger-than-life personality.” He’s really loving, and he makes you feel comfortable and on top of the world. Then it gradually grows darker and darker.”

The businesswoman went on to call Armie Hammer “magnetic,” and she feels it is what allowed him to “get away with this [claimed abuse].” He was accused of being fascinated with her. “At first, you feel incredibly protected, and then it gets a bit odd,” she added. And then it becomes worse and worse, and you’re left wondering, ‘What happened?'”

Courtney opens out about her friendship with Armie Hammer.

Courtney stated in the trailer for the documentary House of Hammer, “I am here to tell about what happened in my relationship with Armie Hammer.” The documentary will centre on the accounts of the alleged victims of Armie’s abuse.

Armie’s connection with his ex-girlfriend Courtney Vucekovich will be explored in the documentary House of Hammer. Courtney can be heard stating in the teaser for the documentary, which premiered on August 10, “He pushes your boundaries a little bit at a time – you’re his, entirely.”


Courtney later revealed in the teaser that Hammer said, “I’m 100% a cannibal.” After the couple’s relationship ended, she informed the Daily Mail that she enrolled in a month-long rigorous trauma and PTSD counselling course. She also shared an alleged message given to her by Armie, in which he professed his desire to “bite the f**k” out of her. She elaborated in the teaser, saying, “He simply acted crazy!”

Vucekovich isn’t the only lady who told her tale in the documentary. Many women have already accused Armie of sexual misconduct. Casey Hammer, his aunt, also appeared in the documentary to inform the world about her family. “If you believe in making agreements with the devil, the Hammers are top of the totem pole,” Casey remarked in the clip.

“I knew my grandpa [Armand Hammer] had a dark side, but I experienced my father’s [Julian Hammer] evil side firsthand,” Casey Hammer continued. And I’ve seen the evil side of my brother [Michael Armand Hammer]. It was as though a monster had been let loose. Now it’s Armie Hammer’s turn.”

Casey discussed the documentary with TIME, saying, “With Succession, people may say, ‘Oh my gosh, it’s such a wonderful series and the acting is amazing,’ but it’s all made up.” It’s all staged. But I’m here to tell you that my family exists, and it’s a million times worse.”

‘House of Hammer,’ a documentary, has been released.

If you enjoy watching documentaries, House of Hammer could be just up your alley. On September 2, 2022, Discovery Plus will air the documentary House of Hammer.

House of Hammer will be a three-part documentary that chronicles the lives of Death on the Nile actor Armie Hammer and his affluent family’s extensive and horrific past.


Are you excited to watch House of Hammer? Please share your ideas in the comments area below. Don’t forget to check back with us for the most recent news from the entertainment industry.


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