Jade Cline of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Is Engaged to Boyfriend Sean Austin

Sean Austin, and Jade Cline, who star in Teen Mom 2, are on their way to getting married. There is a fairy tale ending to this story. In July, Teen Mom star Jade Cline, who had kept the news quiet for two months, announced that she and boyfriend Sean Austin had gotten engaged. In a […]

Sean Austin and Jade Cline, stars of Teen Mom 2, are on their way to marrying. This narrative has a fairy tale finish. Teen Mom actress Jade Cline confirmed her engagement to boyfriend Sean Austin in July, after keeping the news hidden for two months.

Cline confirmed the engagement of the MTV reality show stars in a video posted to her TikTok account on Thursday.


In a Tiktok video, Cline revealed that her boyfriend Austin had proposed to her.

Cline, 25, disclosed in a TikTok video that she was engaged to Austin, 29, in front of friends and family as he dropped down on one knee while they watched the video. The footage showed Austin leaning over, surrounded by candles and roses.

Without a doubt, the actress was surprised when Austin proposed to her while carrying a bunch of red roses in her hands. The couple acknowledged their love by saying “yes,” then kissed and hugged each other before celebrating their joyous union in front of their loved ones and their young child Kloie.

“Our happily ever after has just begun,” she stated in the video’s description. “I’m so thrilled we could finally [sic] share this!” I’ll be Mrs Austin. We worked hard for October 2023, and I’m really happy with where we’ve gotten. “Love always triumphs.”

It’s no surprise that many social media users expressed their congratulations after Jade shared the engagement video with the world.

They got engaged in the first week of July, she revealed.

According to Jade in an interview aired on her Instagram Stories on September 1, the two had been engaged “since the first week of July.” The couple’s engagement has been kept a secret until recently.


Because they didn’t want to give away too much about Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, which is due to launch on September 6. Furthermore, the MTV star claimed that they have already begun arranging their wedding in the “Gothic Victorian” style.

This year, Jade was brave enough to share her hope for the couple’s future with the world, along with Sean’s progress in his life so far.

About Jade Cline

Jade Cline began her career on Teen Mom 2 as a 19-year-old cast member of the reality series Young and Pregnant. During the holidays, she was accompanied by her long-term boyfriend, Sean Austin, as she welcomed her daughter, Kloie Kenna Austin.

The Teen Mom 2 star has turned her love of hair into a profitable company, Mane&Marble Studio in Greenwood, Indiana. During an episode of Teen Mom 2, Cline was seeing her daughter’s father, Sean Austin, but the couple has yet to marry despite his proposing during the show.

Cline informed Austin that she didn’t believe he was ready to get engaged, and Austin didn’t think he was either. Despite Austin spending many months in rehab for his drug addiction, the two are said to be still together.

Teen Mom: Family Reunion reported in January 2022 that Cline kept Austin in rehab for four months to heal his drug addiction. She said that Austin had emerged from treatment a different person.

After many hurdles, the pair is now engaged, and we look forward to hearing the wedding bells in October 2023. Are you excited for the couple’s upcoming wedding? If so, how do you feel about it? If you have any feedback, please leave it in the comments section.


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