Trippie Redd’s New Look Is Too ‘Cringe,’ Critics Demand He ‘Stop Copying Playboi Carti’

American rapper Trippie Redd, whose real name is Michael Lamar White II, has got a new look. In a recent tweet, the 23-year-old rapper revealed his trippy dreadlocks and yea, his hair is back to black. The background gave viewers some dark vibes as he wrote on Twitter: “Please Come Back In My Arms”. Critics, […]

Trippie Redd, the actual name Michael Lamar White II, is an American rapper with a new look. The 23-year-old musician revealed his psychedelic dreadlocks in a recent tweet, and his hair is now back to black. As he posted on Twitter, “Please Come Back In My Arms,” the background gave viewers a sombre sense. Critics, on the other hand, demanded that he cease imitating Playboi Carti.


Carti’s Dreads And Style…

Trippie Redd, born Michael Lamar White II, is an American rapper who has received conflicting comments from fans for his new style. As he flaunted his black dreadlocks in recent Twitter photos, numerous Twitter users urged him not to imitate Interscope Records’ Playboy Carti. They did, however, not hesitate to laud his musical approach.

Trippie Redd captioned his Tweet, “Please Come Back In My Arms,” and shared his new appearance with his admirers, showcasing his thought dreads. The images appear to convey a “dark world” mood. Trippie Redd was spotted flashing his middle finger in one photo and smoking a doobie in another. That says something about the overall tone of these new films. Some fans are curious if he would release another record.


One Twitter user commented on the latest message, saying, “Bro want to be playboi carti so hard.” “Stop imitating Carti bruh, this stuff is getting insane,” another person tweeted. “I enjoy your music, but come on buddy, this is just too cringe,” one Twitter user said. “trippie tryna be like carti so bad be your self dawg it ain’t that hard the old trippie would never,” commented another. “Don’t worry about yo music, just do us a favour and make just fans and shake a**,” one user said.

However, one Twitter user shared a video of DJ Scheme and Trippie Redd smoking a doobie and rapping. “Please get back to me with Castro,” she wrote. The song’s title is “Castro/Black Ops! Okay, this difficult, eh? One Trippie fan lambasted the critics, writing, “Do people not understand makeup like this was a thing before Carti?”

The Controversial Trippie…


Trippie Redd appears to be following in the footsteps of Snoop Dogg when it comes to publicly lighting up, but he will never be as famous as him since, as we all know, Snoop is “gawwwdly.” In 2017, the American rapper achieved worldwide success with his first mixtape “A Love Letter To You.” Its hit track “Love Scars” catapulted him to fame. He’s earned a name for himself in the rap industry since then.

His first album “Life’s a Trip” and sophomore album “!” both charted in the top five on the Billboard 200, but his mixtape “A Love Letter To You 4” topped the list. Aside from his accomplishments, Trippie has had multiple run-ins with the authorities. In May 2018, he was arrested for attacking rapper FDM Grady’s fiancée, which prompted Grady to draw a pistol, resulting in a fist brawl. He was jailed in Georgia in June for pistol-whipping a lady. What do you think of his new appearance?


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