Who Portrays Noel Aroma in the Movie ‘Aroma’?

Noel Aroma in ‘Euphoria’

Noel Aroma is a character in the HBO television series, Euphoria. He is portrayed by actor Angus Cloud. Noel is a mysterious figure in the show, described as a “troublemaker” who disrupts the lives of the other characters. He is a friend of Jules Vaughn (played by Hunter Schafer) and is often seen with her and her group of friends.

Who is Angus Cloud?

Angus Cloud is an American actor, best known for his role as Noel Aroma in Euphoria. He is a relatively new actor, having only started working in 2016. After appearing in a few short films, he was cast in Euphoria in 2019. Since then, he has appeared in a number of other projects, including High Fidelity, The Half of It, and Daybreak.

What is Noel Aroma’s Role in ‘Euphoria’?

Noel’s role in Euphoria is to be a wild card character who disrupts the lives of the other characters. He is often seen with Jules and her group of friends, and is known for his wild behavior and willingness to take risks. He is often seen as a source of conflict between Jules and her friends, as well as between other characters in the show. In addition to being a source of conflict, he is also a source of support and friendship to Jules, and is often seen as a confidant and source of comfort.

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